Glazing Types

We can provide a wide range of glazing options for your doors. Choices include clear, obscure or tinted glass, solar controlled heat reflective glass, self cleaning glass, or glass incorporating ventian blinds.

All options have a low emissivity (Low e) coating on the inner pane to reduce the amount of heat loss through the door, keeping the room warmer in the winter.

Anti Sun glass on the outer pane adds the benefit of reducing the amount of heat gain from the sun, keeping the room cooler in the summer.

Low Iron glass allows more solar rays to pass through the glass enhancing the heat gain from the sun. Low Iron glass combined with Low e glass is used in most 'A' rated windows and provides the best in energy performance / energy rating.

Self cleaning glass has a coating on the outside that breaks down and loosens organic content such as dirt which is then washed away as it rains.

A summary of the most popular options is listed below.

Glass Type (Outer + Inner Pane) Reduces Heat from Escaping Reflects Solar Rays Enhances Solar Gain Self Cleaning* Colour Options*
Standard Clear / Obscure + Low e Yes No No No Clear or Obscure glazed
Low Iron Clear + Low e Yes No Yes No Clear glazed
Anti Sun + Low e Yes Yes No No Blue Tint, Bronze Tint, Grey Tint
Self Cleaning Anti Sun + Low e Yes Yes Yes No Clear, Blue Tint, Grey Tint